segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

Programação musical do Curtindo a Vida do dia 28/05 - Sexta

Confira a programação que rolou no Curtindo a Vida:

And Then There Were None - Action In The Anecdote

Ron Kenoly - Lift Him Up

Deitrick Haddon - Don't Go

And Then There Were None - The Alamo

Jesus Culture - Holding Nothing Back

Paul Wright - Sunsets Cliffs

George Huff - Fortunes

Addison Road - Casualties

Oasis Praise - I Could Never Live Without You

Fee - We Shine

India Aire - A Bealtiful Day

Fred Hammond - L.O.U.D L.O.U.D

Holy Boy - Where The Praizers At

Mary Mary - The Real Party

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